, VI Conference of BRICS Initiative of Critical Agrarian Studies

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The agricultural frontier in today's Brazil and the limits of the spatial fix: the fictitious capital conditioning the space production in the MATOPIBA region
Cássio Arruda Boechat, Carlos de Almeida Toledo, Fábio Teixeira Pitta

Last modified: 2018-12-14


This paper grasps an understanding of the agricultural frontier which thinks of it as historically constituted and able to have its contents modified by the overall changes in society. Thus, it returns to formulations over the pioneer front made by the traditional Geography and by the critical Geography. Afterwards, we deal with the particularities of the Brazilian national formation, calling attention to the importance of the university and of science in the process and in the characterization of colonization in each historical moment. Recent researches in the MATOPIBA region, taken as the final agricultural frontier within Brazil, show deforestation already conducted by modern machinery and also a high level of slave analogous labor incidence. Moreover, recent actions by transnational real estate dealers suggest the presence of finance capital, in the past unlikely to immobilize itself in land acquisitions. What could seem as a search for absolute and relative surplus value extraction in new sites can however be equally grasped as over-accumulated fictitious capitals invested as a manner to produce the appearance of solid portfolios.


Land Grabbing; Frontier; Fictitious Capital; MATOPIBA